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At Faculty of Civil Engineering, we are committed to providing outstanding learning opportunities, advancements in civil infrastructure development and preservation, and valuable outreach to the engineering community and society. Faculty of Civil Engineering at Univeristy of Sarajevo was esteblished in 1949.
Our purpose is to perform education, research and consulting services in the areas of civil engineering and geodesy. Since its establishments, almost 5000 students got their engineering degrees, out of which there were 58 masters and 50 doctorate degrees received. We are located at Patriotske lige br. 30, Sarajevo. The Faculty is organized into several departments depending on the subjects of expertise.

Faculty Management

Prof. Samir Dolarevic

Vice Dean:
Prof. Mirza Pozder

Dept. of Materials and Constructions:
Prof. Esad Mesic

Dept. of Hidrotechnics:
Prof. Zoran Milasinovic

Dept. of Transportation Infrastructure:
Prof. Zanesa Ljevo;

Dept. of Geodesy:
Prof. Admir Mulahusic

Dept. of Geology and Geotechnics:
Prof. Djenari Cerimagic

Dept. of Mathematics, Programming, Physics and Descriptive Geometry:
Assoc. prof. Emil Ilic-Georgijevic

Dept. of Support Programs:
Prof. Nedeljko Vidovic

Legal office:
Sabina Bajric

Admission's Office:
Mersiha Cengic-Kvoco

Dzinic Leijla, dipl. bib.

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